Launching WebdragonCMS 8

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Since mid 2013, Webdragon has been working hard on the next milestone version of our accessible CMS platform, WebdragonCMS. Now it is available to our clients and resellers.

WebdragonCMS 8 has a focus on accessibility, mobility and reliability.


We have made further refinements to the accessibility of the front and backends, ensuring compliance with WCAG and ATAG standards.


We have pioneered full integration between our CMS and apps (web and native) for iOS, Android and Windows. Further, this includes secure two-way integration with other content sources across enterprises.


We have further strengthened the architecture of our CMS, enabling greater scalability for the web front-end, integration layer, and database layers. WebdragonCMS 8 is light enough to be run on a single shared server, or spread across up to ten servers.

Further to this, we have refined the usage of system logs for full auditability. This ensures the right mix of performance and corporate reliability.

We built WebdragonCMS 8 to be one of the world's leading CMS platforms for accessiblity, mobility and reliability, and we look forward to rolling it out for clients and resellers.

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