App Design

Designing an app doesn't just mean creating the visual design.

With Webdragon, app design starts with workshops to understand your needs, and working with you to convert those into statements that we use to build your app, no matter the size or complexity. This covers many aspects:

  • What your app needs to do (its functionality)
  • Who will use your app (audience and device – mobile or web)
  • What will it say (content development)
  • How your app should look (layout and visual design)
  • How you will measure your app's success
  • How your app will be maintained.

All of these factors determine how your app should be built, as well as the most appropriate software platforms for it.

When selecting a platform for your app, we are guided by the best fit of functionality and maintainability to meet your goals. Webdragon staff have experience in using a wide variety of open-source and commercial software, such as Drupal, SharePoint and our own WebdragonCMS.

Most importantly for us, Webdragon helps clients to measure the performance of each app against its objectives. To ensure ongoing effectiveness, Webdragon uses measurement and analytical tools to provide an objective means to quantify success. Agreed site goals and conversion rates are monitored along with a number of other key indicators. The outcome of this work provides data to target and budget ongoing efforts in maintaining and enhancing an app.