Accessibility validation

Although a website may have passed validation when it was initially developed, there is no guarantee that the website both remains valid after content and template updates have been made, and valid under the latest WCAG 2.0 standards.

In order to confirm that the website is compliant with WCAG and accessible to people with disabilities, Webdragon is able to undertake testing of the state of accessibility within the website. Testing can range from a pilot audit to full examination and correction.

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Pilot accessibility audits

In order to validate that a website meets a particular level of WCAG, Webdragon undertakes several tests, both automated and manual.

As a pilot audit, Webdragon validates a representative sample of the website, to give an overall indication of the state of the accessibility of the website. This pilot audit covers three main areas:

Code validation

At a technical level, code validation ensures that the various pieces of code that comprise the website, including HTML and CSS, are compliant with WCAG and the W3C standard relevant to the document type, such as HTML 5, HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0.

Here, we use automated tests to:

  • validate HTML
  • validate CSS.

Non-validation of code indicates that a website page is not compliant with WCAG. Validation indicates that the website page will be compliant if content and usage are also valid.

Content validation

Meeting WCAG also requires having valid content to comply with the needs of people with disabilities. Manual testing for valid content includes:

  • validating necessary content elements
  • validating content mark-up, including abbreviations and quotes
  • validating linking text
  • validating image alt text
  • validating multimedia alternatives
  • validating tables
  • validating forms.

Usage validation

Beyond code and content validation, the website must be tested to ensure that it is usable by people with a variety of disabilities. The following tests are conducted manually:

  • validate colour contrast
  • validate text size
  • validate usage without browser extensions, such as Flash and JavaScript
  • validate usage with a keyboard only
  • validate usage with screen-reading software.


As a result of each audit, Webdragon produces a report outlining the areas where the website is compliant and where it is non-compliant, including recommendations for improvement.

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